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Who does not like to see and smell a beautiful flower? The sight of a fresh flower refreshes your mind. Flower means that part of the plant, which has pollen or seeds, or both. The plants which bear the seeds have true flowers. They are generally found in different colors with sweet smell. The color, smell and nectar of the flower are helpful in attracting insects. These insects in turn help in pollination by which a new plant grows. Flower is the reproductive part of the plant. After reproduction is over, also known as fertilization the flower forms into fruit. A flower has four parts namely Calyx Corolla Stamens Carpel   Calyx has leaf like parts called the sepals at the base of the flower. Corolla is the colorful petals arranged like the sepals. Stamen is the male reproductive organ of a flower that lies inside the corolla. The stamen holds the pollen sac. Carpel is the female reproductive part, which includes the ovary and the pistil. Beneath the pistil are the ovules or eggs which fertile with pollens to form seeds and develop into a fruit. From ancient times till today flowers have an important role to play in our day-to-day lives? They have medicinal value, are used in cosmetics and most importantly are used to express how we feel. Last but not the least flowers are also a source of food.  In modern times, the cultivation of flowers has increased significantly because of its growing importance in our lives. Few examples of flower as a source of food are broccoli and cauliflower. Flowers are also used as spices examples of which are clove and Saffron. Flowers are used to color food and add flavor to salads. In addition to the above, flowers have a great medicinal value. They are used to cure different ailments. Some of the examples of medicinal flowers include Begonia which helps with blood circulation and removes toxics from our body. Calendula is used to cure soar throats and tonsillitis. California poppy cures insomnia, anxiety and nerve related problems. Flowers such as Chrysanthemum help in curing colds and fevers. Flowers are also used in cosmetics. They are used in facials and other beauty treatments. Last but not the least flowers are used in preparation of perfumes. Flowers are the most beautiful creations in our nature which has many uses. Most importantly, flowers allow us to express our feelings to our loved ones.

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