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Orchids lend a rare mystic beauty to the world of flowers.  Bamboo orchid, Butterfly orchid, Dove orchid, Jewel orchids, Bucket orchid, cigar orchid – name it and you have orchid’s flowers taking the shape of the name given. Indeed there are almost more than twenty thousand species of orchids that grow in the wild. Yet their numbers are depleting due to the loss of habitat and hence they are grown with great care and love by gardeners in green houses to preserve this beautiful species. Growers of orchid’s flowers are always trying to make hybrid varieties as these flowers occupy a major share in flowers export since they are well sought after. In fact they say that just like the rose which is known as a romantic flower, orchid’s flowers signify passion. Great care is taken when growing orchid’s flowers.  Sometimes fungus or mould can infect a flower which can be identified by pink or light brown spots that appear on the surface of the flowers that are infected. The best way to stop this from spreading it to the other flowers is to simply remove the affected flowers. Orchid’s flowers are not that difficult to grow in the garden. If the climatic conditions are conducive and proper care is taken these beautiful plants can be grown at home. One can recreate the same climatic condition from where the orchid’s flowers originate. A better option would be to determine the climatic conditions of your region and choose the orchids that would best suit that climate. The cultural needs of different kinds of orchid’s flowers are different and it will be wise to check the following important factors when trying to grow these beautiful flowers. Increased humidity generally above normal between 40 to 70% is a chief factor for orchid’s flowers to bloom. Using Humidi- Trays and often misting the plant with water spray can help increase humidity. The right amount of light coupled with the right daytime and even the night temperatures forms another important aspect of the cultivation of flowers cultivation. Appropriate medium for growth like pots, pure water, fresh air etc will make your orchids flowers garden grow well. A temperature of 17 to 27 C is ideal for most orchids’ flowers to survive well. Water is called for when the humidity is low or when the light is low. The orchid’s flowers seedlings need to water more than the adult plant as they have to stay moist. Orchid’s flowers are considered to be the best enhancement to your bouquet as they are not only rare and beautiful but add to the elegance of the bouquet. Orchid’s flowers have an alluring beauty of their own and are very bright and liven up the room.  When combined with roses they make the best floral gift especially as gifts to sick people along with a get well note. Apart from being a symbol of luxury these flowers are known for love and beauty and makes a person feel special.  That is why orchids flowers are the most sought after at the florists despite their high prices.

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