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Generally when people choose to make bouquets they prefer flowers native to that particular region as it helps keep costs down. When you opt for exotic flowers you will have to spend a lot in spite of which you cannot be sure if the flowers are fresh enough.  Nature has adorned earth with an alluring array of flowers and it is amazing how each species adapts itself to the native region’s geographical and climatic conditions. Flowers perhaps are Gods finest gift to mankind. Looking at the beautiful flowers native to our country, we can elevate the spirits of our loved ones. Even famous fashion designers have looked at flowers for their colour combinations and designs. As we talk of flowers native to a particular country each flower has unique significance of its own. Due to an increase in floral business exports and imports of flowers native to a peculiar region is now possible. Most of these flowers are fragrant and their scents are extracted for making aromatic oils and perfumes. In most countries the smaller flowers native to that region are made into garlands to welcome people or used for religious ceremonies. When we talk of flowers native to a country, Hawaii is the first place that comes to our mind. The colourful flowers adorned by the Hawaiian dancers on their heads and necks and even hands have always been the trademark of this place. They usually adorn their heads with a big hibiscus flower and it is also the official flower of the country. Flowers native to tropical America are vast in variety and so exquisite. The anthuriums which are waxy come in beautiful shades of pink, white and orange and are always a part of the florist’s bouquet. Certain flowers native to tropical climate comes in beautiful and unusual shapes. For example we have more than 20,000 varieties of orchids and they come in the shape of a dove, butterfly, cigar and even a frog. In our daily lives we come across flowers native to our regions but have we stopped to think what these flowers are called or the significance of their names? We use them for any occasion be it a wedding, or birthdays or parties or ceremonies and even funerals. Flowers Native to our country is in a way inseparable from us and a feast to our eyes.  From time immemorial our forefathers have attached significant meanings to these flowers. We all know that flowers native to any country have a common name and a botanical name.  The flower named Agrimony signifies gratitude whereas Acacia which is rose or yellow signifies elegance and friendship. It is by using these properties that aroma therapy oils are prepared. Flowers native to every country blooms in vibrant colours. It is said that even the colours of the flowers native to each country has a meaning. For example all yellow flowers native to any place is a symbol of luxury, friendship, happiness and at the same time can also represent jealousy.  Pink is for love and red is for youth. Keeping this in mind flowers native to any region are ordered for bouquets depending on the occasion. Next time you want to say something say it with flowers native to your country.

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